Children have a right to take part in and influence how adults plan and run services for them in the areas where they live and learn. Aberdeen City Council is supporting the engagement of  children in the design, delivery and monitoring of services. The City is also looking to the long-term future and seeking to ensure that Aberdeen is not just a Child Friendly City but a Rights-Respecting City. The Imagineers are going to help them with this.

Children’s Parliament will work with children. At the heart of our project is working with the Imagineers to capture their ideas and dreams for Aberdeen. With this in mind, we will connect with Aberdeen City Council’s plan for the future. Throughout the year we will investigate four of the council’s main themes for children: mental health, early years and families, transition to adulthood and attainment.

We will talk and learn together about children’s human rights and imagine living in a city where children have their say. We will use different arts and creative approaches to make sure every child is heard.

Children’s Parliament also works with adults. We will be inviting duty-bearers from the city, to come and hear the results of the Imagineers’ investigations. The adults will work with the children to explore how the issues and ideas in the investigations can be taken forward into action.

Children’s Parliament will help the Imagineers to tell Aberdeen City Council and other agencies what children imagine for Aberdeen. Of course, we want children to be creative and have fun with us, but we also want to inform and influence the people who make decisions about children’s health and wellbeing. At Children’s Parliament we know that children are capable of speaking for themselves, it’s our job to provide interesting and creative ways to support children to do that.