Adults at school

The skills school children have been thinking about who the adults are at Manor Park School. They are teachers, PSAs, dinner ladies, the janitor and the management team. The children were asked what makes a good adult at school.

‘They think about children and want to make them happy’

‘They think about everyone and are emotional’

‘They listen to children and think ‘should I challenge the kids?'”

‘They help you make friends and help when you get hurt’

‘They make funny faces so you laugh’

‘They are good at understanding you, being a role model, help you with your worries. They are good at piano and teach you different languages’

‘They helps you to do your best, encourage people to talk, help us calm down, shows us what to do, help if your being bullied and take care of you’

‘A good adult makes children laugh, enjoy school and feel safe. They make you want to come to school’

They make children feel happy and respected

A good adult should say: ‘don’t be scared to share even if your wrong’, ‘you can go and have some choosing’, ‘you go do it!’, ‘good luck with your homework’ and ‘hi, how are you?’,

Job description for a good teacher


The Manor Park Parliament have been thinking about what makes a good teacher:

‘Do more fun things – change the lessons up everyday.’

‘When children come into school in the morning, cheer them up if they aren’t feeling good.’

‘Let children learn at their own pace and their own level.’

‘Be clear – make a lot of sense.’


Where we learn

The Skills School group were asked to think about where they learn at Manor Park School. In groups they explored the school and thought about how different parts of the school made them feel and helped with their learning.

The children went to their classrooms, the gym hall, the library and the playground and took photos with different coloured dots depending on if the place is somewhere that helps them to learn, makes them feel calm, is somewhere they like to be, or a place that they would like to change.

Afterwards the group came back together to share their experiences of different places they learn in at Manor Park. They thought about what could be better and came up with some solutions to things that get in the way of learning at school.

‘The PE hall and outside are places we like to learn because you learn active stuff and how to be fit.’

‘Our classroom needs more toys. In P1 you get lots but in P3/4 there aren’t many’

‘The space with the sofa in the corridor is a calm place to learn because there is no one around you.’

Learning and Teaching

This is the Learning and Teaching group. Here are their thoughts on how they have their say about their learning at Manor Park.

‘Sometimes people like me don’t like to speak. There should be a box or something that we can write things down and the teacher can read it out.’

‘If the classroom feels like MY classroom it helps me learn. It’s MY classroom because I’m in it. I have friends. We don’t just have a say in how it looks, we get to do it too – like decorate it with polka dots.’

‘You need the right ingredients or it won’t go well. Sometimes the teacher might be stuck on something that the children could actually help with.’

‘I like to learn about boats and cars. We got to learn how boats float and draw our dream car.’

‘We get to choose in my class after we’ve done our jobs.’

‘I like to learn to make things like a pretend house.’

‘I don’t get help because I don’t talk.’

‘My class is noisy it’s hard to learn.’


This is the Relationships group. They were asked to think about how Manor Park makes people feel like they belong.

‘When people encourage me it makes me want to do even better’

‘The teacher says good work and your doing well. It would make me feel happy.’

‘I’ve drawn all the children at school and they are sharing their favourite toys like play doh and cars.’

‘Adults at the best school encourage children to do their best and help them when they are stuck.’

‘Adults look out for you at school and teacher help you learn’

‘No fighting would be my favourite school.’

Human Dignity

This is the House Captain group. They were asked what makes a child feel important and special at Manor Park and what might get in the way of a child having human dignity.

‘If you are interested or if its fun you can learn better – learning deteriorates when you’re bored.’

‘Being house captains we are closer and talk lots, we are friends now.’

‘If you are doing what you enjoy doing you have human dignity.’

Bullying [gets in the way of having human dignity]. Sometimes it might be the teachers fault if they say ‘just ignore them you’ll be okay’ when someone is being bullied.

[Around a family bereavement] I had a really hard time and no one really knows that I’m hurt.

‘When you talk about things and get it all out, you might feel better. I like talking to my PSA. She understands a lot of things. Every class should have a person like her.’