Incorporation of the UNCRC

Children’s Parliament has been asked by the Scottish Government to meet with the Imagineers to hear their views on how to turn the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) into law in Scotland.

Children across the country have been asking the Scottish Government to do this for quite some time and, now that it is set to happen, the Imagineers have been sharing their voices and ideas on the Incorporation of the UNCRC into Scottish Law.

The Imagineers came up with some messages for the Scottish Government:

“Dear Scottish Government, the Children’s Parliament have just been learning about human rights and we would like you to pick 5 Imagineers to visit you to talk about children’s rights and think about the ones that are important and the ones we could wait on. Yours faithfully, MCP.”

“I thought that children’s rights should be laws because we’re just the same as adults, if not more creative.” 

“Dear Scottish Government, I would like you to make children’s rights a law. We have been looking at children’s rights. I think that you should for direct incorporation. Yours faithfully, Jay.”

“I think that children’s rights are important because children should have control over their own life but should also have to be guided.” 

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