Bag of Worries

The purpose of this session is to consider how children can share their worries and find out what relationships can support them to do this. Alison and Zoe joined the children. They are both working on turning Aberdeen into a Unicef Child Friendly City. 

Key messages: 

  • Knowing someone is there for you makes you feel better when things are hard. Adults should tell children they are there for them.”
  • “When someone is sad, teachers should notice and see if something is wrong. They should look out for children who have their head on the table or children not doing their work.”
  • “If a child is angry, they should be able to tell the teacher how they are feeling and say I might be angry today.”

Adults that children can go to if they have a worry: PSAs, teachers, auntie, brothers and sisters, grandma, parents and carers, social worker, Childline, babysitters, friends, police and your dog. The person has to be decent and reasonable person, someone you know and trust.

Worries a child might have How to make things better for the child

Messing Up Always start in pencil, try your best, do your best to work in a team.

Mum and Dad splitting up Ask an adult to talk to your mum and dad. Ask the adult to tell your mum and dad that your child is worried about them.

Natural Disasters Reassure the child by telling them they are rare. Go do hobbies to get your mind of it.

School Ask a teacher for help. Tell your parents

Loneliness Get a parent or teacher to talk to you and help out. Remind the child that they are NEVER alone. Just take a shot at it and try to meet people.

Moving School Talk to an adult, as an adult can reassure the child. Share your worry. Talk to someone at school and see if they can give you a buddy to talk to.

Being Scared Find someone who knows its alright. Speak to a trusted adult or friend or phone a help line.  Ask to go to a different class or a concentration station.

Having to go to guides Speak to someone, think positive, take a friend with you to guides and test it out.

Becoming Homeless Tell someone. Speak to a teacher. Ask your parent or carer to find work.

Nobody loves you Try to find friends and tell your teacher. Join in games to try and make friends.

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