Adults at school

The skills school children have been thinking about who the adults are at Manor Park School. They are teachers, PSAs, dinner ladies, the janitor and the management team. The children were asked what makes a good adult at school.

‘They think about children and want to make them happy’

‘They think about everyone and are emotional’

‘They listen to children and think ‘should I challenge the kids?'”

‘They help you make friends and help when you get hurt’

‘They make funny faces so you laugh’

‘They are good at understanding you, being a role model, help you with your worries. They are good at piano and teach you different languages’

‘They helps you to do your best, encourage people to talk, help us calm down, shows us what to do, help if your being bullied and take care of you’

‘A good adult makes children laugh, enjoy school and feel safe. They make you want to come to school’

They make children feel happy and respected

A good adult should say: ‘don’t be scared to share even if your wrong’, ‘you can go and have some choosing’, ‘you go do it!’, ‘good luck with your homework’ and ‘hi, how are you?’,

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