Introducing Manor Park Parliament

‘Welcome to the Manor Park Parliament blog. We do very fun things and write it on this blog. We work with lots of children and hear all or their ideas. We improve Manor Park.’

In 2016, all children at Manor Park imagined their school as a happy, healthy and safe place, where everyone can do their best. They came up with loads of wonderful ideas and drawings, which are now presented in their school corridors in the form of a mural.

‘We made a mural. Panel one is about everyone being happy and no one being judged. Panel two is about staying mentally healthy. Panel three is about no one being left out. The fourth panel is about everyone being happy and staying fit. The fifth panel is about learning in different ways. And the final panel is about making people feel comfortable at school.’ Caitlin, P7 pupil and mural painter.

Using the mural as a starting point, children will talk about their experiences at Manor Park and how their vision for Manor Park might happen.

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