Child Friendly Cities

Last week the Imagineers were invited to take part in a discovery session with UNICEF and Aberdeen City Council. There were other young people there too, from the Youth Council and Torry Squad.

As a group we thought of really good things about Aberdeen that make us proud to grow up here, like living beside the beach and our families. We also talked about challenges there are in Aberdeen, like not having space in the city centre for children to play.

After that we thought about things that we want adults to know, do and say to help make Aberdeen a child friendly city. We think that adults should pay attention to their kids more than electronic devices and make sure that children are safe on the internet. It’s also important that adults are good role models and teach children about their rights.

We also think that there aren’t enough fun things for older children to do in Aberdeen. Like in doctors waiting rooms there are only toys for younger children. We would like there to be an xbox or art things to do.

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