Fortune Telling at Bramble Brae

This week at Bramble Brae we were exploring the concepts of healthy, happy, safe and human dignity. We did this by creating fortune tellers where we thought up questions to investigate these ideas.

Here are some of our thoughts on human dignity:

‘You have the right to do stuff’ Alexis

‘You feel special’ Nathan

‘Nobody hits you’ Charley

What does human dignity mean to you?

One thought on “Fortune Telling at Bramble Brae”

  1. We think some things we could learn together in class are
    1) how to make our own snacks like popcorn or ice cream.
    2) different languages like Egyptian, Spanish or German
    3) we could improve our times tables
    4) we could learn to get on well together
    5) we could get extra P.E lessons on certain sports
    6) we would like to learn together in good class environment where nobody shouts out and people listen to each other
    7) we would like to learn about inner peace
    8) we could like to do more craft activities and art activities.

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