Imagineer Passports

Later this month the Imagineers will have the first of their ‘What Kind of Aberdeen?’ workshops. These workshops are with adults who want to learn about of the idea of human dignity and children’s human rights.

We have been getting ready and working on our Imagineer passports. Our passport is a place where we can write about, and give examples of some of the key things we think about as Imagineers: Human dignity, trust, empathy and kindness.

To us human dignity is:

‘Treating other people who are different with respect as well’

‘Everybody is different because you don’t need to be the same’

‘Showing people love’

Trust is:

‘Kids must be able to trust adults so that they feel safe’

‘Telling the truth’

‘If you trust someone you feel good and nice but if you cant trust someone you might feel sad and annoyed’

Empathy is:

‘Try and look at every perspective’

‘Think before you say something you wouldn’t like to be said to you’

‘You can understand if someone makes a mistake’

Kindness is:

‘Listening to kids and helping them if they need it’

‘Being caring, thoughtful and sharing’

‘Kindness means you think about other peoples feelings’

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