Remember, remember the activities of November

November had been a busy month for our Imagineers, beginning with our National Sitting (please see previous blog post for a full run down of the day) and ending with a visit to the Aberdeen Youth Council and beginning preparations for our 2018 programme.
The Aberdeen Youth Council was exciting because it was a chance to see that other young people trying to make a difference in Aberdeen.
“The Youth Council was kinda formal but it was cool too” said Miriam and Demi.
We also began to think about next year, the Year of Children and Young People, and how that is going to look. We created passports as way of looking at key aspects of being a Member of Children’s Parliament. These included human dignity, empathy kindness and trust.
Here is a snapshot of some of the ideas we came up with.
“Human dignity is when someone shares with you” said Tijana.
“It is difficult to be kind to people when you are cool” said Jamie.
 “Trust is when you think you can count on your friend to help you” said Ben.
“Empathy is when you help people’s I show empathy to people when I talk to them” said Shannon.

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