Praise Poems

School should be a joyful place. Children in Aberdeen have told Children’s Parliament that being complimented helps them learn as it makes them feel good about themselves. Praise poems are a way of recognising children’s talents, positive attributes and the learning treasures they already possess.


‘I liked the poem being read out about me as it described me like the beach and summer, which I love. I felt confident about myself and could tell people how I feel. I face-timed by family in Poland, using Google translator to share the poem with them. I also told my mum, dad and sister about it.’ Julia

‘The poem is about me. I find it inspiring. It feels great to have it read out because someone was writing about me, for me. I’m like a Bloodfang-sabretooth tiger. I roar.’ Tyler

‘My friend came up with the ideas for my poem and I loved it as it was so positive. It described me as funny and that I am good at making people laugh.’ Jamie

To learn more about children’s views on their school experience read our School should be a Joyful Place (2017) report here

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