Children’s Parliament National Sitting 2017

To mark Universal Children’s Day and Children’s Parliament’s 21st birthday, children and adults travelled from all across Scotland to 2017’s National Sitting in Edinburgh to discuss the future of Scotland and how it can be a safer, healthier and happier place for children and families to live and grow. Imagineers from Bramble Brae, Manor Park, Riverbank and Tullos primary schools journeyed on the train from Aberdeen to take part.

“Today has been really fun because this is my first time ever going on a train. My favourite part of the day was getting a birthday cupcake – it gave me a green tongue!” said Leo.

“We got cool Imagineer t-shirts and we worked with adults, talking about how children feel. We made viking boats and we wrote what’s important for us on cardboard stones. We put these on the lighthouse. We exchanged paper lanterns with the adults and wrote a wish for each other. It was fun and exciting. I met the rest of the people in Children’s Parliament. The adult I talked to was Theresa. She was wonderful” said Croydon.

At the National Sitting we met these adults: Juliet, Ben, Katie, Irene from Brazil, Amber, Gayle, Mr Swinney, Barbara, Susan, Amanda and Theresa.

“I talked to the adults about my siblings, my dog and children’s rights. We built boats together” said Deacon.

“I talked about school and work. Talking to the adults was my favourite part of the day” said Ralfs.

“I talked to adults about how they can listen to children and how to make Scotland better. My favourite part of the day was being in Edinburgh because I felt like I was in Harry Potter” said Sammy.

“What we’ve spoken about this afternoon is at the heart of making Scotland the best place to grow up!” said Deputy First Minister John Swinney. We agree at Children’s Parliament!

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