Children’s Rights Defenders

A ‘defender’ is a term used to describe people who promote or protect human rights. They can be identified by what they do and the actions they take. At their November meet-up, the Imagineers created their own Children’s Rights Defenders.

‘We went to Northfield Academy and we made an adult figure who fights for our rights.’

“This is a children’s rights defender. She’s wearing two dots and they are about the right to food and drink and the right to have a house and safety. We chose a girl because we feel like girls need a lot more help with their rights than boys do.”

“This is the love saviour- he’s called that because he has his heart here and because he loves saving children! The love saviour has a magic broomstick that he flew on to save the children from their house.”

“Our defender defends the rights to have a home and school! This one is all different colours to show that all races are involved.”

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