Using our learnometer to help us learn in class

‘We made a class learnometer to help us learn in class.’

Some of the things children at Riverbank find helpful are: our friends, quiet time, reading, meditation and being able to practice. As a class we prefer it to be quiet so we can concentrate.

While here are some of the ideas that Tullos pupils came up with for what helps them to learn: Doing art, making stuff, our teacher or family helping us, reading our own book, maths games, learning on the laptop, a quiet and calm classroom, being listened to, having friends, being happy, playing outside and getting enough sleep.’

Riverbank children also thought about what makes it difficult for us to learn and the number one thing was noise. We found that talking and people being silly distracted us and made it harder to work.

At Tullos, these things got in the way for children: getting interrupted by noise and chatting, our feelings being hurt, PSAs getting angry, teachers shouting, forgetting to bring homework in, family being sick or passing away and being off school because we’re ill.’

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