Children have a right to an education, and to an education that meets their needs and helps them fulfil their potential. Adults are responsible for making this happen.

‘We are investigating what it is to be a learner with Children’s Parliament. We have made a learnometer – it shows what helps us learn and what can distract us or stop us from learning’

‘Here are some of our ideas that our class came up with for what helps us to learn: Doing art, making stuff, our teacher or family helping us, reading our own book, maths games, learning on the laptop, a quiet and calm classroom, being listened to, having friends, being happy, playing outside and getting enough sleep.’

‘Going on trips with my teacher helps me learn about more things! I’d like to go to Transition Extreme to do rock climbing. I’ve never done it before but I think I could try’ Axel.

‘When I’m angry I play with my dog and it calms me down then I can work.’ Jada

‘Here are some of our ideas for what gets in the way of us learning: Getting interrupted by noise and chatting, our feelings being hurt, PSAs getting angry, teachers shouting, forgetting to bring homework in, family being sick or passing away and being off school because we’re ill.’

‘When I’m tried, I can’t think or concentrate and it makes me not able to to do my work. This is because I sometimes can’t sleep and so watch Youtube on my iPad until late. Going out and playing until 6pm every evening would help me sleep as it would tire me out’ Amy-Leigh.

‘If someone has a phone then we want to check our social media. Getting notifications on my phone distracts me.’ Emily and Emma

“All the children in our class can keep the learnometer on their desks. When they are feeling down and don’t have faith in themselves, they can show the teacher what is getting in the way of learning by pointing the arrow at it” Katie.

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