The Learning Character I am Like…

To help children think about themselves as learners they have been introduced to some learning characters who have different learning characteristics: resilient, reflective, resourceful and relationships. 

‘Everyone has their own way of learning. We have looked at four different ways to learn and tried to pick the one most like us.’

‘I ask a lot of questions so I’m like Ruby who is resourceful. I ask questions mainly when our class sits on the carpet. I ask about the job we have to do’ said  Youcef.

‘In maths I like to be challenged, so I have chosen Robert as he is resilient. If I’m really stuck I’ll ask questions to the teacher, like Ruby’ said Nadia.

‘I’m like Rebecca who is reflective. When I’m drawing I can just rub it out and do it again.’ Majka K

‘When I wanted to learn how make green my dad told me to google it. This is like Ruby who is resourceful.’ Charley

‘I am like Ryan. He is good at sharing and good at helping.’ Nathan

‘I love challenges. My mums challenge to me was to get three greens (on my chart) and I did it and I’m off the chart! This makes me like Robert who is resilient.’ Brandon

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