Looking for a new year’s resolution for 2017?

These 30 ideas for adults come from the children who are Imagining Aberdeen…. Go on! Pick one!

My new year’s resolution is that I will:

  1. Spend less time on my phone
  2. Give up smoking
  3. Drink less alcohol
  4. Spend more time having fun with my kids
  5. Be a good role model for children
  6. Realise children make mistakes and so I won’t get angry with them
  7. Give children more respect
  8. Stop swearing in front of children
  9. Take more interest in my children’s work
  10. Always treat people the same
  11. Not be sad, be happy
  12. Always smile
  13. Get on better with my family
  14. Help my children to learn to stay safe
  15. Shout less
  16. Give help to people when they need it badly
  17. Give more love to my kids
  18. Do what I can to stop racism
  19. Do what I can to stop bullying
  20. Do what I can to stop killing and bombing
  21. Not leave my children in the house
  22. Get on better with my children’s grandparents
  23. Won’t lie to my kids (surprises are okay)
  24. Stop drinking in front of my children
  25. Help my children with everything
  26. Eat healthier
  27. Do more exercise
  28. Go to the gym
  29. Stop taking drugs
  30. Do stuff with my children that they want to do


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