Day 2 of Mural Week

20160524_114100 20160524_134716 20160524_130930 20160524_134820‘We have been making a mural and t-shirts with our names on the back. Painting us as Imagineers onto the board. We made slogans for adults. They said things like ‘Please pay attention to us’ as most adults go on their phones all the time, ‘Treat people with respect’ because we treat adults with respect and they should treat children the same. ‘Pick up your litter’ because Aberdeen won’t be a nice place if messy.’

Miriam, Sean-Paul and Aidan.

‘Our slogans said ‘Be more positive’ as some people like our teachers can be very negative. ‘I need care’ because some adults don’t care about their children. They can show they care by giving you what you need.’

Ben and Abdullah

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