Building our community

Investigating what children need to be healthy, happy and safe in their community.

‘The community is really friendly and everyone gets along. If we could change anything about our community we would get the police to handle the smaller situations. Police here focus on the big things. As the small situations often turn big, they should sort this out first. We’d also ban motorbike and create bumpy roads to slow down cars.’

Yasin, Tijana, Simone and Ben P6 Bramble Brae

‘Granite Hill Road is really dangerous with fast cars. We’d like a lollipop lady or man so it is easier to cross. If we could change anything we would bring rock climbing to our community and a train station, so that we can go on holiday. We really like that our friends live close by and we can play with them.’

Ellie, Connor, Cameron and Keeley P5 Bramble Brae



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