Why teaching?

I want to teach because being an effective learner is fundamental to growing up in this rapidly changing world. My time volunteering in classrooms gave me the confirmation that I love helping people learn. To me there is no other feeling like it; the sharing of information between pupil and teacher, pupil and pupil, teacher and teacher, creating a learning zone that is for all. I also observed the changes in teaching methods from when I was in school, which demonstrate what a varied and adaptive profession teaching is. My journey from leaving school to being at the University of Dundee has seen me at two higher education institutes and two colleges, not always going smoothly, but that is a story for another time!

I decided to become a teacher more than two years ago. In those years I dedicated my spare time towards achieving that goal. This involved returning to attain my Higher English, volunteering at a local primary school to gain classroom experience, studying two modules with the Open University (E111: Supporting learning in primary schools and E102: An introduction to child psychology and childhood studies (it is a field that greatly interests me after studying this module)) to learn more about support in the classroom and the curriculum, and lastly applying to the University of Dundee. It was a challenge to balance my work with my studies at the Open University . At times it was difficult, but I learned valuable time management skills that will no doubt prove useful. It has been a long journey and at times progress seemed slow; it took me two years of extra work on top of my education in Secondary school, but the rewards will be immeasureable.



A very important factor in the decision to teach is my love of music. I have played trombone and bass guitar for most of my life. Learning to read and perform music has given me opportunities to play with orchestras, concert bands, brass bands and function bands all over the country. The best times I have had in education involved working with other pupils and teachers in musical ensembles, and I want to inspire young children (and teachers!) to take part in the magical world of music so they can share in that enjoyment.

Lets go!

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