My Goal

Being a Primary Teacher has been a career aspiration since I was half the height I am now, figuratively and literally looking up to my mentors introducing me to every aspect of the real world. I was always a child that loved to learn and soak up knowledge like a sponge; I loved to read, to test myself, to be sophisticated. However, a child’s eagerness to learn is fruitless if not supported by amazing teachers.

My most striking memory of an extraordinary teacher that really touched me was my French teacher, Mrs Rochow. I remember the excitement of starting the new school year as a grown-up Primary 6 pupil, about to embark on studying a foreign language. I also recall being a little nervous as this was going to be an entire new level of challenging – incomparable to numeracy or even mind-blowing science. Now, as I reminisce on Mrs Rochow’s lessons, I realise what was the key to getting 11 year olds to fall in love with French – making the lessons not seem like lessons. Making us jump with excitement at the thought of having French after break time with the hilarious Mrs Rochow. Everyone equally enjoyed all the singalongs to French nursery rhymes, acting out families and café scenes and, of course, having the pride of knowing how to count to 100. Mrs Rochow was where my love of French all started – a love affair continuing all the way to Advanced Higher. Unfortunately, when I mixed with other children at high school, I learned that everyone was not as lucky to have the same experience as me. It wasn’t a fair playing field, you could say.

In my experience, Primary teachers symbolized stability and were true gurus I just desperately wanted to learn more from. Primary school was the foundation for my later learning and I believe it is an essential step in a child’s educational development. All children deserve to have the right setting to unlock their true potential. For this they need great role models, exciting not drill-like lessons and a friendly environment where they can see the joy in learning along with others. I knew early on that I wanted to undertake this honourable role and follow the example set to me.

Primary Teaching is a career I cannot wait to embark on – it will feel surreal to have my own classroom and to be responsible for children getting the most out of their first stage of life. While it’s daunting now, it’s a job I know I was made for.



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  1. Hello Julia

    I can really get a sense of the passion you have for teaching already through your first post. Make sure you keep this up over the next 4 years. When you encounter tricky moments (because there will be some!) look back at this post to remind yourself why you aspire to be a teacher in the first place.

    It sounds like you had a good experience as a pupil and had to glory of a teacher who sparked enthusiasm. This will stand you in good stead to know what type of teacher you want to be and how to get the best out of pupils.

    I promise you, this career will give you lots of joy. I look forward to seeing how you progress this year.

  2. Hi Julia,

    I have really enjoyed reading your blogpost and can really feel the passion you have for Primary teaching. It is fascinating to see what has inspired you to enter this profession and can tell you will make an excellent teacher. I fully agree with the points you have made about the value of teaching. Good luck throughout the course and your future career. Look forward to reading more posts.

    Lorna Whillans

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