How has this impacted on your leadership learning?

I have developed my understanding of how reading attitudes develop and what strategies practitioners can use to promote positive reading habits. Being able to develop and undertake interviews has definitely been a rewarding and interesting experience. I have been surprised at how similar my colleagues ideas around my topic of interest and my interviews revealed a real passion for ensuring we provide the best for our  pupils. I don’t know if my understanding of the term ‘teacher leadership’ has changed during my participation but I am definitely more empowered and more motivated than I have ever been in my teacher career. My aim initially had been to measure the impact of various reading interventions upon pupil’s attainment and attitudes but this became undoable due to Covid-19 so I think this could be something to take further next session, now that I have examined practitioner attitudes and strategies.

There has definitely been an impact upon professional practice within my setting with changes to timetable to include regularly scheduled reading for pleasure times, incorporation of HOTS questioning within set reading books and development of a reading order. Recently, I have also applied to undertake further research in association with the EIS which I wouldn’t have considered prior to participation in this programme.

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  1. This sounds really positive, Heather! It’s great to see an example of what empowerment can look and feel like in practice. What further research will you possibly be carrying out with the EIS?

    1. It’s very early stages and still waiting to hear back as to whether it will go ahead. My title would be ‘Supporting practitioner wellbeing within a peripatetic inclusion team’. I am intending on tracking emotional wellbeing using a devised tool similar to the GWMP (Glasgow Motivation and Wellbeing programme) and implementing positive wellbeing initiatives.

  2. Hi Heather – this sounds great – I am hearing that taking part has had a positive effect on you. Go empowerment. This sounds like a fabulous opportunity to take part in research. Looking forward to reading your poster.


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