What are the implications?

Participation within this programme and practitioner enquiry has greatly informed my practice moving forward. Firstly it has really made me think and made my colleagues think about what we do to promote positive reading attitudes in our students, many of whom tend to have fairly negative viewpoints on reading. I am making steps to promote reading within my setting by developing a reading area, improving quantity and diversity of reading materials available and by asking colleagues to model their reading attitudes – by sharing what they are reading and scheduling a reading time within the base.

The implications for this learning may lead to the development of a system where practitioners are able to promote reading to children attending and hopefully help these children to improve their confidence reading, develop more positive attitudes towards reading and develop a reading habit/routine. Reading is often seen as a gateway to learning and so by experiencing success at reading and gaining pleasure from reading, children can widen their view of the world, gain knowledge, develop creativity and imaginative skills and have fun doing so. The development of positive reading habits within the inclusion base may filter back into the children’s mainstream classrooms and positively impact upon other children.

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  1. Hi Heather. I hope you found the drop-in useful yesterday. The next module (including poster template) will go live next week and I think you will see how these posts can be summarised and tweaked to fit the boxes. The hard work is done! I have loved reading about how your enquiry has changed and progressed. You have rich information from colleagues to build on, which you might not have had if it hadn’t been for the remote learning period. Fantastic!

    1. Thanks Emma. I’m feeling really positive about it now. Your email about the ‘messy period’ really made me feel better.

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