IB Reflection 3 – Understanding the history and philosophy

The progressive education trends by the 1960’s which align with CfE are: Critical analysis, student choice, range of skills testing, child-centred, open plan rooms, education of the whole child, criterion-referenced and transdisciplinary.

Children are encouraged to analyse their own work, as in CFE, and also make constructive criticism and comments on the work. Critical analysis is also part of the CFE area of literacy and English.

Both the IB and CFE have a child centered approach to the learning and teaching to ensure that the needs of every learner are being met. This helps to give children a rounded education, covering a wide range of skills and areas within the curriculum.

I believe that the progressive IB trends and the CfE do align in multiple ways, and overall help to encourage children to be well rounded and gain all the skills they need for their life.

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