Fuji Festival – Taiko Drums

Original Event Description
Join P4 students from Law Primary for some very loud music, as they learn about the thunderous Taiko drums of Japan. Get your earplugs ready as we get a demonstration from the Tsuchigumo Taiko Group. This highly physical form of music is guaranteed to leave you energized and upbeat. After the demonstration you will get a chance to talk to the players and students from Law Primary to put your own questions.

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Inspection Myth Busters – March 2017

Original Event Description
Join us to find out more about the recent changes to the inspection process with our Inspection Myth Busters Glow TV event.
Over the past months Education Scotland has developed new inspection approaches, to help you understand the changes to inspection we’re holding a Glow TV event with Alastair Delaney, Director of Inspection. You can find out more about the changes to inspections and ask Alastair questions that you have surrounding this.

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Fuji Festival – Calligraphy

Original Event Description
What is Japanese calligraphy, what do you need to do it and how is it done? Discover the fun of writing in Japanese with Japanese teacher, Ms Emiko Abe plus staff from the Japanese Consulate and volunteers from Edinburgh University. Ms Abe shows P3 students at Law Primary School that learners can practice Japanese calligraphy with basic materials found in every classroom.

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International School Meals Day – Professional Learning Event

Original Event Description
Join us in Glow TV on International School Meals Day 2017 to investigate the role school food can play in learning.

This year the theme for is Food, Culture and Heritage. We are encouraging children and young people (supported by their teachers or other adults) to share ‘stories’ about their culture, heritage and associated food – this could be family food traditions, food that is loved (or not!) in their country or festivals, ceremonies and celebrations that take place.

In this session we will cover:
• Introduction to school food as a context for learning
• benefits of linking to your catering staff and demo of item being made whilst discussing ingredients • the importance of good nutrition in school to foster healthy eating habits
• the agendas (e.g. BEBL, Health & Well-being. Learning for Sustainability,

Developing the Young Workforce) and support for food education Overall, the aims of International School Meals Day are to:
• Raise awareness of the importance of the nutritional quality of school meal programs worldwide
• Emphasise the connection between healthy eating, education and better learning
• Connect children around the world to foster healthy eating habits and promote well-being in schools • Share success stories of school meal programs around the globe
• Highlight research activities in school meal programs around the globe
• Raise awareness of the hunger and poverty issues being addressed through school feeding programmes (programs)

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