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By Amy Guidi           Beith Primary School            North Ayrshire

I have used a Glow Blog to create a 1+2 Languages web site.

This site has been created to support and facilitate Spanish language learning. Pupils have been writing scripts and recording themselves. These have been published on the website as podcasts. Each podcast included relevant links to websites that can challenge and support the listeners further. Pupils have been responsible for every stage of the podcast process.

I received support from a colleague in Braehead Primary School, in Stirling council and I attended a training session with our local Glow coordinator on the use of Glow blogs and how to customize the site.

I have been working with pupils on this project since mid May 2015 and we have four podcasts available for pupils, parents and staff.

This has had a very positive impact on pupils as they enjoy listening to their peers and are challenged to produce the next podcast for the site. Staff and parents are able to improve and practice their Spanish which has been vitally important in providing people with the necessary supports when introducing a new language across the school.beith 2

Staff have a starting point for Spanish lessons and links to tried and tested website, songs and apps. This has boosted their confidence in delivering Spanish lessons.

This is an ongoing project and I will continue to support learners to produce podcasts on a regular basis. All topics that are taught in class will be covered in podcasts. We hope to include movie clips next session.

The website is available to everyone at


2 thoughts on “Beith Languages Hub Website”

  1. This is a smashing site. Well done to all the pupils and staff involved. Great use of a Glow blog for 1+2

  2. I must agree as our 1+ 2 efforts have progressed at Beith, Amy has been a real inspiration for staff and pupils alike and has promoted a love of language learning across the community. The blogs are inspirational and engaging! Well done!

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