Using OneNote Class Creator for Higher Physics

 Carrick Academy

Michael Murray, Physics Teacher and school lead for their e-learning community

Carrick Academy has been using OneNote – Class Notebooks with their Higher Class. The full version of OneNote is installed on the Department’s computer suite.

The focus has been on the three tier functionality that the class notebook gives them:

  1. collaboration
  2. individual pupil notebooks
  3. content library

Michael accessed support from the Local Authority but is mainly self-taught. He also used the http://www.onenoteforteachers blog.

The National 5 class began using OneNote last session and continued to use it when they moved into Higher Physics. There were some technical issues to be overcome such as the correct browser, but this was easily put in place. With the release of Class Creator, the Higher class made increasing use of it. It is continually evolving and is being built by both teacher and learners.

The Impact on Teaching

The use of this tool in Glow has meant that it has been much easier for pupils to collaborate on work in a meaningful way and have access to resources outwith the classroom. Everything is now in one place and there is additional functionality, such as easily embedding Mr Murray’s YouTube channel videos and Office Mix interactive PowerPoints.

Using the individual notebooks, specific tabs have been set-up for strengths and areas of development. These can be used to give learners both long and short term goals and provide opportunities for more personalised feedback and questioning. Their work can be annotated generating formative assessment opportunities. It also allows pupils to take more ownership of the work and is more manageable for the teacher to track.



The Impact on learning

The content library is split into the key areas, which allows learners to consolidate their learning and provides opportunities to extend learning.

It has also been used to track homework, using colour coding to allow learners to consider learning opportunities.

Learners have to produce a research assignment for SQA and this allowed them to store all their evidence in one place. It also allowed the teacher to look at what they were working on when they were working on it, thus providing additional support.

The learners themselves identified this as an invaluable tool for studying and for the assignment. One of the learners digitised all his study notes for each curricular area and found this extremely useful. They would love wifi access to enable syncing in real time.

Future Plans

This approach will continue to be used with Advanced Higher, Higher and National 5 classes. It is hoped some other departments will follow suit.

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