Using OneNote Class Creator at St Mungo’s High School, Falkirk

Jacqueline Campbell, Computing Science and Lynsey McNamee, Design and Technology have been working with interested staff across the school  using OneNote Class Notebook Creator and Office 365 sites with One Note class notebooks. The full version of OneNote is installed on all machines throughout the school including mobile trolleys with netbooks in every faculty.

How it has been used

In Higher Computing Science, learners have access to all resources through the OneNote Class Notebook, including videos, presentations, web links, etc. Learners can also access this on their own devices through the school’s BYOD policy. In recent weeks other departments have set up their new classes including D&T, Physics and Music.

They have had some support from Malcolm Wilson, Falkirk Council and Ian Stuart, Education Scotland, as well as some online support. Jacqueline is looking to build up a network of support as they move forward exploring new features and to move to the next level of use with OneNote.

This is part of a 3 year School Improvement focussed on ICT to enhance learning. Initially, a group of staff with interest came on board and in the new session, it will be rolled out to other departments.


The approach taken has been to use it as a tool, in particular as a resource that allows collaboration. When teaching, it opens up opportunities for collaboration – learner to learner, learner to staff, staff to staff. Also, it allows continued use at home and also further interaction via discussion and collaborative tasks. Feedback is becoming more meaningful and targeted. In addition, the ability to include all resources in the one place has been invaluable. This has allowed flipped learning opportunities to take place.

Learners themselves identified this approach as a useful study tool as it allowed them anytime access to the resources. They felt it was extremely beneficial in the lead up to exams as it allowed them to have the resources on phones, tablets and PCs. The uptake in different departments was seen as very positive by learners and they are enjoying the increased use of these tools because of the flexibility it gives them. They can now work together more easily, sharing resources and support. Some learners need to go over new work several times – using OneNote lends itself to this, allowing them to get it when they are ready.

This approach is very much part of raising the digital technologies agenda and enabling the use of digital tools to support learning. As it is embedded in the School Improvement plan, this ensures it will remain a high priority.

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