Holyrood Secondary – Glow Literacy Site by K Barrowman

Holyrood Secondary School, Govanhill, Glasgow

In Holyrood Secondary School we have used the Office 365 Glow sites, incorporating tools such as the Newsfeed, surveys, document stores and embedded media with our S1 and S2 pupils (800 children in total).

The site has lots of literacy based activities and links. There are standing activities, such as a reading club, links to external competitions, and a place to share writing. There is also a weekly challenge, with three activities based around a theme, each of which allows pupils to practice their literacy skills and share the results. An added bonus is that using the site ties in with the school’s rewards programme for S1 and S2 pupils, the Holyrood Challenge, and pupils can earn points for contributing to the site.


The initial set-up of the site took about 4 hours, over a few days, and it takes around an hour each week to archive the previous week’s challenge, collate the points to be awarded, and set up the new challenges.

The impact has been increased learner engagement outside of school. All of the young people who engage with the site are doing so out of choice, and it has fostered a sense of community across classes and year groups. It has been an opportunity for wider achievement, and a really fun way of getting to know kids not in my classes.


Pupils are now aware of Glow, and what it can be used for. The Maths department have set up a Numeracy group, and other departments are interested in getting involved. There is a greater willingness among staff and pupils to use online tools for learning. It has also offered a ‘safe’ environment for publishing and celebrating work, which some learners prefer to publishing on a public facing website.

I have now moved on from the school, but I will be working with one of the teachers to take over the running of the site for next session. I hope it will go from strength to strength!

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