Using OneNote with National 5 and Higher Classes

Below Jaqueline Campbell from St Mungo’s RC High School, Falkirk explains how she has been using OneNote with her National 5 and Higher Classes.

I set up a notebook for my National 5 classes and my Higher classes. I particularly used the Higher notebook in the six weeks leading up to the exam. In addition to the sections for each of the two Higher units I also created an additional section for Exam Preparation. In this section I pinpointed topics I thought would be most likely to come up. I created a page (within the section) for each topic and included on the page the following items;

  • Screen clipping of course content from course support notes

  • Screen clipping of a question related to the topic from specimen/exemplar

  • My notes relating to the topic

  • Any relevant hyperlinks

  • Videos (I had created before using screen cast software)


I also used the collaborative space to build revision resources that could be used by everyone. The screen print below shows the area of contemporary developments in Higher Computing Science.


I intend to add to this Class Notebook over the next couple of weeks (for next year’s class) by recording short audio files (from this year’s pupils) explaining specific topics and answers to questions.

In addition to adding my own pupils to this notebook I also added 5 Higher pupils from another school and their teacher. When I looked at the statistics of the number of views on this notebook after the final exam on 6th May there had been 849 views. I consider this to have been a worthwhile resource to have set up as there were only approximately 30 people accessing it.

iWatchStMungosCompOneNote Class Notebook for Higher Computing Science viewed on a pupil’s Apple Watch

4 thoughts on “Using OneNote with National 5 and Higher Classes”

  1. Slowly starting to set up my own OneNote for my Higher classes. Reckon it will have a real positve impact on my kids learning. Thanks for all your help and advice!

  2. Would be delighted to see how you managed to embed images and video…stupid as this may sound I cannot get OneNote to accept either on the Mac or online.

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