Using Office 365 in Glow at Lochfield Primary School

Lochfield Primary School have been using the Office 365 tools in Glow. They have been working on a shared online PowerPoint about their topic on their class SharePoint site.

We visited the learners on Friday 6 March to see how they have been using Glow and Office 365 to support their learning experience.

Mrs Renton, Mr Montgomery and Mrs Gilday have all been working with the learners in their classes to support them using Office 365.

Some of the learners shared what they liked about Office 365:

“We liked the idea of being able to view and add comments to PowerPoint presentation slides.”

“Just by logging into Glow we could continue working on our project at home.”

“I liked being able to impress my teachers and friends by uploading a video to the online PowerPoint in Office 365.”

“It was GREAT that everyone in my class could work on the one PowerPoint presentation at the same time rather than having to work on PowerPoint presentations and then spend ages putting it together like a jigsaw ! ! !”

What did P3/4 learners think about using Office 365?

What did P5/6 learners think about using Office 365?

Here are some pictures of our wonderful visit

P5-6 (2)

P5-6 (1)

P3-4 (2)

P3-4 (1)[1]