Safer Internet Day 2015 Kinglassie Primary School

A little background to the story……

The Internet Safety – Learners site was developed to illustrate how technology could be used to support teaching and learning.

The purpose was to exemplify key features available through the technology and how this could be used to improve the learning experience.

Olivia Wexelstein (Teacher of P7) at Kinglassie Primary School in Fife kindly agreed to develop a series of lessons with a clear focus on Safer Internet Day. Both the Head Teacher and Olivia recognised that the technology could in fact be used to support a whole school Internet Safety project.

The project was carried out on February 9-10 2015 which would coincide with Safer Internet Day. Although the technology supported a whole school approach to Internet Safety it also opened up possible opportunities for other learners and educators across Scotland to take part and contribute to the project.

It was clear throughout the planning of the project that technology offered a wide range of ideas and possibilities to improve the learning experience. Each task was designed to incorporate various features of technology and this allowed learners an opportunity to engage with technology on a wider scale.


Was Glow services the only type of technologies used in the project?

No, although Glow offers a wide range of technological services other types of technologies were explored as the purpose of the project was to exemplify how technology could be used to support teaching and learning.


Which Glow services were used for the project?

Olivia created tasks which allowed learners the opportunity to use the following features within Glow:

Office 365

  • OneNote to share ideas
  • Newsfeed to communicate and share learning experiences with others
  • Discussion forum to discuss a Safer Internet Day video
  • A dedicated area which allowed learners to upload their work


  • Another collaborative tool which supported learners in working together on a specific task


Did young people have an opportunity to use any other types of technology other than services offered through Glow?

Yes, Olivia used Padlet ( which is a virtual wall that allows people to express their ideas and thoughts. It really is like an online sheet of paper where content e.g. images, videos, documents and text etc can be added anywhere on the page from any device.


Can I have a look at the site to see what Kinglassie PS achieved?

Absolutely, the site is available at: The site was available and promoted using the national newsfeed on Glow as well as using other communication channels such as the Education Scotland Facebook and Twitter accounts.


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