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Mr Clark is the head teacher of Stane Primary School in North Lanarkshire below he explains why blogging is the tool for them.

03012014_182054_0 I chose to use the Blogging tool as I had some familiarity with it and I wanted a tool that the staff and pupils could use which would be simple and straightforward.  Previous systems for creating school websites required a fair bit of technical knowledge, but once set up, the Glow Blogs are very easy to use.

I wanted to use a system that would also fit with the appearance of the pre-existing school website and the Glow Themes had enough customisation to allow me to create a theme that matched.  I use ‘Suffusion’ as it allows greater flexibility with appearance and widgets.

I keep my own Blog, which I use to share news and information to parents, and to promote the achievements of the school.  All of the classes and nursery contribute to the Teacher and Pupil Blog, which allows class teachers to share specific learning, or special events with the parents easily.  I wanted a shared blog as I think it is better to have one blog which is well populated than lots of separate blogs which are not used regularly.

The parents enjoy keeping up to date with the school news and particularly like seeing photographs of their children engaged in learning.  Many parents who work say that it gives them access to information that they miss by not being able to visit the school regularly.

At the moment, pupils work with their teacher to create Blog posts together, but our aim is for older pupils to be involved in writing their own blog posts.

To have a look at Mr Clark’s Blog click on the link below.



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