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Pep up your Profile with an Avatar

imageMany people know how important it is that we use avatars instead of images of ourselves on social media, gaming sites and mobile device apps. Avatars help protect us and can also be provide a fun pictorial version of ourselves.

So here’s one way of creating an avatar using a tool available to all Glow users. Simply follow the steps below to make your fun avatar and then add it to your Glow Office 365 profile – which will then appear for others in Glow to see in email, contacts, Yammer and more.

Steps to creating an Avatar

There are many tools online for creating an avatar. The steps below are designed to use a tool available to all Glow users.

  1. Log into Glow
  2. Click on the head-and-shoulders icon to go to your own launchpad in RM Unify.image
  3. Click on the blue “Add” button to begin the process of adding a tile link to an avatar creation tool within Glow.
  4. Choose “App from App Library” button.
  5. In the search box type should ‘v-Me’ to locate the v-me avatar creator app in the app library.
  6. Click on ‘v-Me’ and ‘install’ to your launch pad.
  7. Click on launchpads to go to your launch pad and open ‘v-Me’ then create an avatar that represents you.
  8. You can choose hair colour, face shape, clothes, glasses and accessories! Once you’ve finished choose ‘finish’ – a larger version of your avatar will appear.
  9. Take a screen shot of this (shift+command+4 Mac) or ‘print screen’ (PC).
  10. Save this screen shot to your desktop so that you can find it easily.
  11. Now go into your profile in Glow by clicking on the square in the top right hand corner.
  12. Underneath the generic image click ‘change’ and upload your image from your computer.

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