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Passing the Power of Powerpoint

Mal8P9The Office 365 online collaborative version of Powerpoint lets you create a presentation and work on it with others at the same time, or you can do a part, then pass on to another person or group of people to work on at different times.

Just so that can see how it works you are going to go into your Office 365 OneDrive in Glow, create a Powerpoint, create a robot character using shape tools, name and then share the Powerpoint with another user who will add speech bubbles and text.

Here’s what to do to get started

  1. Login to Glow
  2. Go to Office365 My Site (OneDrive)
  3. Click Plus Sign, New, choose Powerpoint Presentation
  4. Create a title for your presentation – 3 letters of your name in any order (the name “Anne” may be NEA), then the number of the day of the month you were born on (February would be month number 2), then a letter or number from your class name (so maybe from class name P5A you might choose 5) – so the robot name might be NEA-2-5
  5. Click ‘Presentation’ at the top (it might be ‘Presentation1’, ‘Presentation’2 etc), hover over the title, click Rename File, type your new robot name.

How to create your robot

  1. Make sure you are in the ‘Home’ tab above, click ‘Layout’, scroll down and choose blank slide, then click Change Layout
  2. Click ‘Insert’ Tab above, then click ‘Shapes’, and then using a variety of shapes of your own choosing, build your character. When you click a shape, it appears on your slide, you then have the option of moving the shape, resizing the shape by grabbing the ‘handles’ at each corner, or rotate using the rotate icon.
  3. Use this ‘Insert’ tool as many times as you wish to add all the shapes you need to build your character. To delete any unwanted shape, just click it and hit the backspace key.
  4. To change the colour of a shape, right click on it and select ‘Style’ and choose a new colourM7J11

How to add name banners

  1. Now you to create a banner to put the name of your character inside click ‘Shapes’ again and select a banner from the selection of ‘Stars and Banners’, resize it to make it bigger, then right-click and select ‘Edit Text’, type in your character’s name chosen earlier.
  2. Go to ‘Design’ Tab and choose one of the Themes
  3. Go ‘Insert’ tab, and choose ‘Comment’, and type: “This was made by…” And add your name and hit return
  4. Go to ‘Insert’, choose ‘Shapes’ again, scroll to ‘Callouts’ and choose a Speech Bubble, resize it and position it next to your robot, and type “I am good at..” And finish the sentence with something your robot is good at.
  5. Go to ‘Insert’, ‘Shapes’, scroll to Stars and Banners, select a star, make it big on your slide, right-click, select ‘Edit Text’ and write 3 ‘selling points’ of your robot (3 things your robot is good at)

How to share with someone else

  1. Click the Glow Launchpad (RMUnify) tab at the top of your Internet browser.
  2. Scroll down and find the RM People Directory, click to open. Type in the first and last names of the person you are sharing with, check that is the correct person by checking that the person belongs to your school, check that it has the correct letter beside their name (T for Teacher, N for Any Other Member of Staff, S for Pupil), click on the ‘Copy’ icon
  3. Return to your Powerpoint file by clicking the correct tab at the top of your screen (which you previously gave a robot name)
  4. Click ‘Share’ (top right of your screen)
  5. Click in the box to invite people to share, right-click and paste the username into the box, then click ‘Share’

How to find a Powerpoint presentation shared with you

If someone has shared a Powerpoint with you using Office 365 in Glow you probably got sent an email within Glow so check there first for a link to the Powerpoint – from RM Unify Launchpad go to Office 365 (Outlook) or if you are alreadfy inside Office 365 click on the 9-square waffle icon and then choose the Mail tile. If you did not get sent an email then follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Glow Launchpad (RMUnify) tab at the top of your Internet browser.
  2. Go to Office365 My Site (OneDrive)
  3. Look down the left-hand side menus and click on “Shared with me”


Pep up your Profile with an Avatar

imageMany people know how important it is that we use avatars instead of images of ourselves on social media, gaming sites and mobile device apps. Avatars help protect us and can also be provide a fun pictorial version of ourselves.

So here’s one way of creating an avatar using a tool available to all Glow users. Simply follow the steps below to make your fun avatar and then add it to your Glow Office 365 profile – which will then appear for others in Glow to see in email, contacts, Yammer and more.

Steps to creating an Avatar

There are many tools online for creating an avatar. The steps below are designed to use a tool available to all Glow users.

  1. Log into Glow
  2. Click on the head-and-shoulders icon to go to your own launchpad in RM Unify.image
  3. Click on the blue “Add” button to begin the process of adding a tile link to an avatar creation tool within Glow.
  4. Choose “App from App Library” button.
  5. In the search box type should ‘v-Me’ to locate the v-me avatar creator app in the app library.
  6. Click on ‘v-Me’ and ‘install’ to your launch pad.
  7. Click on launchpads to go to your launch pad and open ‘v-Me’ then create an avatar that represents you.
  8. You can choose hair colour, face shape, clothes, glasses and accessories! Once you’ve finished choose ‘finish’ – a larger version of your avatar will appear.
  9. Take a screen shot of this (shift+command+4 Mac) or ‘print screen’ (PC).
  10. Save this screen shot to your desktop so that you can find it easily.
  11. Now go into your profile in Glow by clicking on the square in the top right hand corner.
  12. Underneath the generic image click ‘change’ and upload your image from your computer.

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Get Going with Glow with Glowbusters


Glowbusters – the original activity site for learners to explore various tools and elements which are part of the wide range of resources available to all Glow users.

Solve a series of challenges and become a Glowbuster! And while you are solving the challenges you’ll find you have explored some parts of Glow and used some of the tools to which every Glow  user has access.
Click on this link to get going with Glowbusters.