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Glow Blogs July 2016 Release

The Next Release of Glow Blogs took place on Tuesday 19th of July.


It consisted of:

  • Removal of 4 Woo themes.
  • Upgrading of WordPress to 4.5
  • Events Plugin, this will allow the creation of ‘events’ in addition to posts and pages and have calendar views of these events. See Event Organiser — WordPress Plugins.
  • Addition of TwentySixteen Theme (the default for new blogs will continue to be TwentyFourteen)
  • Embed of Google Calendars
  • Embed of Scratch Projects
  • Addition of .dot and .otf files to the permitted file types for upload.
  • New Blogs Landing Page
  • Follow blogs from the My Sites page
  • Enhancement of ‘Remove me from this blog’ to avoid accidental removal.
  • Additional Language packs for Blogs dashboard. This means that users can set the language they wish to use in the blog administration.

Help for all of these features will appear soon on the Help blog.

Spectrum News is the only one of the woo themes that will affect many blogs. You may want to change this theme before it is automatically turned off. I have sent a list of blogs using these themes to LA key contacts.

There are some notes on the help blog:
Spectrum News to TwentyFourteen

As always please get in touch if you have any questions. gw09johnstonjohn4@glowmail.org.uk

More on the release:

That list is automatically updated as we are using the display-posts plugin and a short code of:

[display-posts tag="july-2016-release"]

Glow Blogs July 2016 Release Update – Themes

The development of the July release is going well.

In May we posted about the complete removal of 4 Woo themes. At that point I emailed a list of  blogs using the Spectrum theme to Key Contacts.

The Spectrum theme is the only one of the 4 themes that is much used.

We are now set to switch the themes of these blogs to TwentyFourteen on the 15th of July in preparation for the release later in the month.

I’ve uploaded the lists of all blogs using Spectrum to my OneDrive, all glow users should be able to view the files.
Spectrum-use-July-16 – OneDrive
Which any Glow User should have access to.

The complete switch off of the old ePortfolio themes has been delayed till Oct 2016

Theme Changes July 2015

In the Blogs Update Phase 2.2 in April we added three new themes.

We also retired the Spectrum News Theme.

We have now retired the Suffusion theme too.

Existing blogs that use these themes will continue to do so. They will not be able to be selected in the Theme chooser for new or existing blogs. We will turn this theme off completely at a later date it would be wise to change themes before then. We expect Spectrum New to be completely disabled by the end of 2015. Suffusion, being a very widely used theme will be deployed for longer.


Both of these themes are showing problems with our newer version of WordPress. Features have broken. The updated version of Spectrum News did not work with our multi-site WordPress install and would have required considerable work both now and over the longer term to keep it going. The suffusion theme developer is having trouble keeping it up to date, it is also showing some problems with our new version of WordPress.

We hope to have a few modern flexible themes in a release soon. We are also producing some guidance on moving from these themes to TwentyFourteen: Spectrum News to TwentyFourteen.  Another page covering Suffusion  will be added to the help blog over the summer 2015.

If you are using the Spectrum News Theme we would advise that you look to changing that theme as soon as possible.