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October 2016 Release

The October Update for Glow blogs has arrived.

It includes the following, help will be added for these features over the next week and this post updated.

Some changes to the e-Portfolio plugin:

  • Ability to Edit Profile Tags. In the Dashboard go to Posts-> Profile tags. This will only be available on blogs with the e-Portfolio plugin activated. The e-Portfolio Tags help page has been updated with details.
  • Profile Tags are Visible on Posts
  • Display Categories on Profiles
  • Profile tags can be displayed on the sidebar with the tags widget.
  • Removal of old ePortfolio Themes, the blogs using the old ePortfolio themes has switched to the standard TwentyFourteen More information: Removal of old e-Portfolio Themes

Other changes include:

  • Contributors can Upload Files. There is a new Role Contributor + Uploads
  • ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ buttons from Yammer can be added to posts. See Settings->discussion to add these buttons. You will see them on this post.
  • Google Embeds, embed Google documents (docs, sheets, slides, forms, images, videos etc) on a post. We have some examples
  • The Dashboard Message will Include Information About Storage Capacity of Sites
  • A rating plugin. Add [ratings] to a post to show a ratings facility. See below.
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