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Blogs Update August 2015

The Blogs service had a new release on Thursday 27 August 2015

Included in the release

Five New Themes

  1. Suburbia more information on the theme home page
  2. OXYGEN more information on the theme home page
  3. Visual more information on the theme homepage
  4. Digg 3 Column
  5. Fjords04


  1. Local Avatars
  2. Display Posts Shortcode


To video and audio display in posts syndicated into a blog by the Syndication plugin. These now display properly.


Embed clickview video in posts
Several Authorities use the ClickView service, they can now embed video in their posts by pasting the url to the video into the editor. You need to extract the URL from the ClickView iFrame code, not use the whole code.

Information about the plugins and additions will be added to the Glow Help Blog shortly after the release.