Embed support for all O365 content

Description, how should this idea work:: Glow Blog users should be able to embed all content from O365 using the URL of the content. This should include externally shared content and cover newer sources like Stream.

Benefits of this idea. Why?: Blog users will be able to use O365 to manage content in single place taking advantage of O365’s permission, version and editing features while also saving on Blow storage space.

What do you think? Would you use this feature.

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2 thoughts on “Embed support for all O365 content”

  1. We need this functionality to fully realise the benefits of Glow blogs and O365. This would offer so much more options to educators in the way teach learners how to they utilise multiple applications to achieve results, in accordance with the current benchmarks.

    How can this solution not support the embedding of one of the biggest office formats in the world?!

    Please find a solution to this 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment on Glow blogs.

      Unfortunately this may not be within our power on Glow Blogs at the moment. It was not the last time we looked at it.

      Although Microsoft 0365 documents offer embed codes, I’ve never be able to get them to work consistently even using a plain html page outside the glow blog environment. They often seem to work for a while but not consistently.

      We did support them in the past via docs.com but microsoft changed and abandoned that process and broke the work we had done:(

      We do support the embedding of Google docs, this proved a lot easier. I presume because google is a web first sort of company.

      I also review/test the Microsoft embed codes from time to time in a plain webpage to see if it looks any better.

      I’ve just repeated part of the exercise here:


      This is a personal site and doesn’t block iFrames (It is down to me not to do anything stupid or insecure)

      I can see the second embed in the browser I am logged into glow on but on one I am not I see a blank space (Safari), or unhappy faces (chrome).
      Firefox gives me this message:

      Firefox Can’t Open This Page

      To protect your security, login.microsoftonline.com will not allow Firefox to display the page if another site has embedded it. To see this page, you need to open it in a new window.

      Open in in a new window gives me a MS logon screen.

      This despite the files is shared with everyone. I can see the files with a direct link (at the moment, previous test have proved inconsistent).

      There are alternatives for some things:

      word, save to pdf, these embed in Glow blogs

      You could also convert to google docs if you have access to google

      PowerPoint, similar you can convert to pdf or google slides:

      If you are an apple iCloud user you can convert powerpoint to Keynote, upload to iCloud and embed those

      Sorry I can’t offer you anything more positive.

      I’ve spent a fair bit of time testing this in as many ways as I can think, I’d love it to work, I’ve no access to google here in North Lan.

      The developers put time into it in the past. If we get a hint that this could be made to work we would hopefully be able to put in some effort again.

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