Colour Text and other extras in the editor

We had a comment asking about coloured text this week. You can colour text easily enough in WordPress but it is not immediately obvious.

At first glance the toolbar is quite simple.

Screenshot of WordPress Editor toolbar

But the last button on the row:

Toolbar Toggle button

Will toggle an extra row:

Screenshot of expanded editor toolbar

This has a few more features including Text Colour:

Text colour Picker


Here is a gif:

gif showing how to colour text


2 thoughts on “Colour Text and other extras in the editor”

    1. Not straightforwardly with the classic editor.

      There is a new post editor available, the block editor and it lets you edit the font size. It is quite different that the old editor.

      There is a wee bit of information on the editor on the help blog:

      and I’ve started another blog with more details:

      You could also change the size of all the text on the site or on posts by using CSS, this is quite technical.

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