Replacing Anarchy Media Player

In old pre January 2015 Glow blog you could use the Anarchy Media Player to embed audio or video.

The newer  version 4 of WordPress we now have on Glow Blogs supports embedding audio and video without the use of a plugin. We recommend turning off Anarchy.

Replacing Anarchy Media Player PDF

Example Anarchy Embed

This is a post with the anarchy Media Player plugin activated. There is a link to a video file in the post. The Plugin embeds the linked file.


Turning off Anarchy

To turn off Anarchy:

  1. Go to your Dashboard.
  2. Click Plugins on the left hand navigation bar
  3. Click Deactivate under Anarchy Media Player.

Post Turn Off

After turning off Anarchy Media Player the embed is remove and your post is left with a link.

Clicking that link will play the video in your browser or download it. This depends on the browser and file type of the video


Native Embed

After turning off the plugin you can edit the post to give veiwers a better experence.

Edit the Post

Click Add Media

Search your media library for the file.

  1. Click once on the file.
  2. Change the Attachment Display settings to Embed Media Player
  3. Click Inset into Post.

Update your post.



Native Embed – Visitors View

This is how the post will look to the viewer now.

You may even get a preview of the video. Or you can add a Poster image.


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