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Glow Blogs Update WordPress 4.9.1

We will be having and update of Glow Blogs this afternoon/evening.

Work will start at 16:00 and service will be restored as soon as possible thereafter.

Here is an overview of the update, we will be posting details of any changes to the help ASAP.

Name Current Version Update Version
WordPress 4.8.3 4.9.1
Event-organiser 3.4.1 3.6.0
Wp-postratings 1.84.1 1.85
twentyfifteen 1.8 1.9
twentyfourteen 2 2.1
twentyseventeen 1.3 1.4
twentysixteen 1.3 1.4
twentythirteen 2.2 2.3
twentytwelve 2.4 2.4

Help Pages related to this release:

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25th – 29th April Stramash Outdoor Nursery

Stramash Outdoor Nursery, Elgin Blog

The boys and girls are increasingly confident in spotting signs of Spring and have noticed many different leaf buds as well as new green leaves and needles emerging on trees. Some spotted new growth on a fallen tree and were quick to suggest that some of the roots must still be in the ground and transporting water up the trunk to allow this!! They also spent time with Mrs Ade trying to figure out how old trees are without having to cut them down and count growth rings! The children had a go at using measuring tapes to work out the circumference of the trunks. Some of the boys and girls decided to look at the girth of two trees to compare and predict which one was older and which one was younger.

from: 25th – 29th April | Stramash Outdoor Nursery, Elgin

This post gives inside into the live outside. Fire starting, digging holes, mini beasts and more.

Blogs Update Phase 2.2 – WordPress 4.1.2

This update took place Friday 24th April 2015 between 8am and 9am. There was 4 minues downtime.

The server will be shut down only for a short period of time but there could be intermittent disruption to the service should be considered at risk for the hour. The previous  update took only 12 minutes.

The Plans for this release are listed below, as usual this depends on the results of testing:

Upgrade of WordPress to 4.1.2

This will include the features added in WordPress 4.1

and bugs fixed in 4.1.1 and the 4.1.2 security release

Upgrade to new Akismet version for spam protection

Theme Changes

The Twentyfifteen, yoko and p2 themes will be added to this release.

The Spectrum News Theme will be retired. Existing blogs that use the theme will continue to do so. It will not be able to be selected in the Theme chooser for new or existing blogs. We will turn this theme off completely in six month, blogs with the ‘Spectrum News’ will need to be changed to another before then.

Addition of Plugins


Jetpack is a multifunction plugin from

We will be installing a customised version of Jetpack which will remove features that require a account. Details of the modules Glow Blogs will be able to use are at the end of this post.

Syndication Plugin

This will allow blogs to pull in, via RSS, content from other sites. For example a school with several department/class blogs could pull all posts (or a category of posts) onto one main blog.

Attachment Search

This plugin will allow the search in a blog to be extended to attachments, files and images attached to a blog. This will provide more functionality for blogs that are for sharing resources.

You should not use this plugin if you are keeping content and file attachments behind a password protected post!


The deactivation of the Anarchy Media Player Plugin

This plugin is no longer supported so this means we would have to use scarce resources to keep it working, secure and up-to-date. As most of its functionality has been replaced and improved on by the built in WordPress media handling we are deactivating the plugin.

See for details of how to use the built in WordPress media embeds instead of anarchy.

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Early Outages

Since going live on Friday afternoon (3rd Oct 2014) we have experienced a few short outages of the blog service.

These are infrastructure ‘bedding in‘ related and are being addressed by the blog development team who have already some measured solutions in place.

Where the server has been running as normal (most of the time) the response times seem to be good.