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Tips, Tricks, Examples of Glow Blog use (Glowing Posts) and other news. The Glowing Posts get added to this blog with the syndication plugin.

Glow Blogs YouTube tutorials by @donaldfeist

Glasgow Teacher Donald Feist (@donaldfeist) is producing some YouTube help videos on Glow Blogs. Glow Blogs Tutorial – YouTube Playlist.

Want to know how and why we use Glow Blogs as an incredible classroom resource? Look no further!
This short series is on how to create your own Glow Blog for the classroom. This is primarily aimed at Scottish teachers, however, as the platform for Glow Blogs is WordPress, this works for all teachers across the world who are allowed to use WordPress as an educational platform.

Health & Wellbeing at Morningside

This is a really detailed post about a learning session with primary 2/3. I  really enjoyed reading the post, somewhat amazed at how much went on. I imagine that parent would be delighted getting this view of their children’s classroom.


Health and wellbeing in p2/3


As an aside, lovely to see the use of featured images on the blog, this shows up nicely in the except created when I paste in the link to the blog here. It also shows in the latest posts section on the north Lanarkshire Home page:

Screenshot of NLC Glow Blogs homepage


Graphic Novels in the Classroom

This is a guest post by Metaphrog (John Chalmers and Sandra Marrs), creators of the award-nominated Louis graphic novels and The Red Shoes and Other Tales. Metaphrog, alongside Dave Hook from Stanley Odd, were the lead artists on Graphic Lyrics, our Booked! project with Shawlands Academy, Glasgow.

A post from Edinburgh International Book Festival Learning | Learning activities and events from Edinburgh International Book Festival

your place to find information on Edinburgh International Book Festival’s learning events and projects, as well as event recordings, activities and resources.


Screenshot of Blog

Featured Images

A feature of WordPress that not too many Glow Bloggers use at the moment is the Featured Image.

Features images can be added to posts and will be used by the blogs theme, either to display on the post and or to provide navigation.

for example in TwentyFourteen, the home page grid or slider is provided by posts with featured images. For example:

Featured images will also be picked up by twitter if you post a link to a blog. Like this:

Screenshot of a featured image on twitter

They are also shown if you paste the link to the blog into another post and on the LA home pages of Glow blogs.

Glow Blogs LA Home page

The featured image on this post is Water feature in Muang Boran (Ancient Siam) in Samut Prakan, Thailand found on flickr, taken by Uwe Schwarzbach and used under a Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic — CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

The mural is on tour

Bramble Brae are holding a community event this Friday (3rd of June) at 2pm. Come along and see the mural!

from: The mural is on tour

I love the subtitle of this blog:
Imagining Aberdeen: A Children’s Parliament and Aberdeen City Council Project | All blog posts by children from the Children’s Parliament Team.


Screenshot of blog

Children from across the city are Imagining Aberdeen as a place where children are healthy, happy and safe.

Our school partners are Bramble Brae Primary, Manor Park Primary, Riverbank Primary and Tullos Primary.

In phase 1 of our project 300 children have been considering life in the community, at home and at school and exploring the idea of human dignity. Phase 2, which will take place in early summer 2016, will see 20 children – our Imagineers – take part in a Mural Project which captures children’s vision for the city.

from: About Imagining Aberdeen | Imagining Aberdeen: A Children’s Parliament and Aberdeen City Council Project

My Amazing Baking Project! – Endeavour

Screenshot of Endeavour Blog

Katy’s My Amazing Baking Project! is just one post on the Endeavour blog from Port Ellen Primary:


The Endeavour project came about through discussions on curriculum design and the desire to find a way to develop resilience, independence and self motivated learning skills in children that would enable them to succeed in the ever-changing workplace of the future.


Over the past three years examples of projects carried out include organizing a kayaking expedition around Islay, creating a video game using Kodu, creating a documentary on sheep husbandry over the year, composing an original piece of Scottish music on the piano, choreographing a new Highland dance, making animations and building electronic circuits.

You can read more on the blog itself and in this TES article: It’s a shore thing – News – TES

What happens when you change the platform and change the culture?


An update from Derick Robertson on the UoD EduShare The central sharing hub for #UoDedu teacher education students at the University of Dundee.

He includes a list of early evidence:

  • since September 2015 we have had 775 posts shared to UoDEdushare;
  • we arec seeing a developing culture of collegiate commenting on peers’ blogs;
  • we are seeing some tutors commenting on blogs;
  • comments on blogs are coming in from other Teacher Ed students as well as a whole of host of other people interested in education;
  • student/learners are taking ownership of promoting their voice by publishing links to their posts on social media with appropriate hashtags to help target their posts (ours is #uodedu);
  • writing in an articulate manner on their site about evidencing how they are attaining the GTCS Professional Standards;
  • questioning why you would want to be part of a closed educational community as opposed to a global one;

I know it is still very early days for the work that we are doing with the new ePortfolio however I do think that what is in evidence here is the need for those concerned with effective transformational change in the digital learning space to really think about the learning culture that they want to engender

from: Eportfolio: what happens when you change the platform and change the culture? | The Curious World of the DPR Update