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e-Portfoilo Post Owners


We are having a problem where the name displayed as the ‘owner’ of the automatically created posts in an e-portfolio changes.

These posts are created when the e-portfolio is created and should be attributed to Glow or Glow Admin.

Sometime this display name changes to the name of an actual glow user.

This change is cosmetic, it does not affect the ‘owner’ of the post, it is still the Glow Admin. It is the name displayed for the Admin that is wrong.

The blogs support can fix this quickly but still do not fully understand what is causing the problem.

Please raise a call via your Local Authority to the RM Glow Help desk if you see this.

Early Outages

Since going live on Friday afternoon (3rd Oct 2014) we have experienced a few short outages of the blog service.

These are infrastructure ‘bedding in‘ related and are being addressed by the blog development team who have already some measured solutions in place.

Where the server has been running as normal (most of the time) the response times seem to be good.

Suffusion Theme

The Suffusion Theme has been retired July 2015. If your blog already used the them it will continue to do so. The Theme will not be available in the Theme Picker. At a later date we will completely remove the theme. Plenty of warning will be given.


Older Issues


This issue was fixed in release phase 1.1

It appears that blogs using the Suffusion theme which have featured posts turned on on the front page show no content. The developers have fixed the problem and the fix will be deployed soon.


You can avoid the problem by turning off featured posts.

In the Dashboard:

  1. Click on Suffusion
  2. Click on Blog Features
  3. Click on Featured Content
  4. Disable Featured Content

This will turn of Feature content, so you will not be able to see the Featured Content Slider on your home page.

One a fix has been applied you will be able to turn Featured Content back on.

If you have used the magazine template for pages it may have featured content turned on too, you can turn it off in the dashboard:

Suffusion-> Templates->Magazine:

Create A Blog Issue

This issue was fixed in release phase 1.1

As of October 3rd at the switch over there is a small cosmetic issue with creating blogs in 3 Local Authorities (Aberdeenshire, Inverclyde and Orkney).

when you click Create A blog you willl see this screen, with the obvious problem. We should be able to fix this shortly. It will not affect the creation of the blog.

Click image for fullsized version