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97 thoughts on “Welcome to Glow Blog Help”

  1. I have been asked about e-portfolios using the new Blogs. Who can I contact regarding the use of eportfolio and Glow, is it just the same or have there been enhancements. I presume there may be changes with the new word press and other blogging tools.

    I may add I am unfamiliar in the use of e-portfolios, but as ASM for East Ayrshire I need to find out.

    1. Hi David,
      The e-portfolios should just be the same except for the changes to WordPress and the changes in setup to the blogs that came back in October. I’l follow this up via email.

      1. Hi John,

        You helped me set up my blog and I’ve changed authority and email address etc and now can only access my blog through my previous authority’s glow list. How do I transfer it over to my new address?



        1. Hi Leonie,
          I presume your glow username has not changed. Can you log onto the blog?
          If you can and you want to move your blog to your new LA you can export it for the original blog and then import to a new one.
          If you cannot log onto the blog and your username has not changed you should be able to get access if your Glow Admin activates the Orkney Blog tile. you can then do the export/import.
          If your username has changed we can move the blog for you and giver you access to the new one. We are also able to do this if the above steps seem a bit confusing or difficult. I will drop you an email.

          There is help on export and import here:

  2. I have set my class blog to be accessible to those logged into Glow but it doesn’t seem to appear anywhere and there is no search function. Could you advise me where I might be going wrong?

    1. Hi,
      You need to share the link. The blog is listed in your My Sites Area.
      The home page of each LA shows the latest updated ‘public blog’ not private or glow only.
      The glow only can be thought of as an extension of private blogs with a large membership.

      You might want to consider a public blog for a class as it can give a world wide audience.

  3. I’m helping a school set up a GLOW blog. As such, I have added 47 pupil users, so they can post to the blog about their homework and the work they do with parents.

    After adding the users through entering their usernames, and setting roel to Author, they all show as PENDING – when doing the same with a staff/ teacher account, this does not happen.

    How do I move these pupils from PENDING to being live users of the Blog?

    1. Hi Gordon,
      When the pupils have logged onto glow and the blog.
      We do not pre-provision accounts on the system. I presume that the teachers already have a role on the blogs.

      Please let me know if there are any problems.

  4. Hi,
    I am taking on blogging as part of a whole school working group/ committee. I was wondering how I can set myself up as an administrator for this site?
    Thank you,
    Jenny Stewart

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Presuming you have a glow account:
      You will be the Admin of any blog you create.
      If the blog is preexisting the current Admin can make you an Admin too:

      If your school has a blog where it has lost the admin account, you need to raise a cal lwith RM through your Local Authority contact.

  5. I am also having problems with users not being able to access each other accounts which they could do before the switch over. A number of users are showing PENDING and I am not sure what to do now.

  6. Hi Anne Marie,
    Pending users are users who have not logged not glow blogs since the switchover.
    They should have access to the blog when they do so.
    If they try and cannot get access the blog you may have to raise a call through your Local Authority with RM. It is best to provide them with details of the blogs and usernames that have problems.

  7. I want to make a blog, and when I click on the ‘glow blogs west lothian’ link, it comes up with:

    Something has gone wrong. If this keeps happening, please contact support with the following, and how to re-create it:

    Code: 16-1424443550

    This happened today and yesterday, is it a problem with the system or is it just me?

  8. Hi Jennifer,
    It is a wee problem with your account. You need to raise a call through your Local Authority to the RM help desk. They will sort it out.

  9. Can you advise how, having created blog, I can have it accessible through Glow? I have no idea how to access privacy settings as told to do.

    1. Hi Gerald,
      On your blog hover the mouse over the name of the blog in the Admin bar (The black bar at the top of the site you see when logged in).
      Click Dashboard
      When that dashboard open:
      hover over Settings and Choose Reading.
      The settings are there.
      More details

  10. How do I delete existing blogs that are now defunct ?

    Also if creating a new class blog would this be done through the LA Blog tile on the launch pad?

    1. Hi,
      To delete a blog:
      Log on to the dashboard.
      Check you have a working email address in Settings->General.
      Go to Tools->Delete a Site
      Check the box to say you know you cannot get your blog back.
      Click Delete Site.
      You will receive an email with a link. This will confirm deletion.

  11. Hi, John.

    I have been asked to help my school revive a blog I set up before I retired a couple of years ago. Could you remind me whether that blog can still be edited or will it have been it archived?

    If it has been archived could I use the WordPress import function to copy the content into a new blog?



    1. Hi Lesley,
      The blog should still be there and anyone with an admin account on it should be able to edit it.
      If it had been archived it should be able to be re-activated.
      I’ll drop you an email.

  12. Is there a way to share this blog? I have the privacy setting to “public” but can’t seem to find it outwith the GLOW space. Can I link it to the school website (also wordpress) or should it be available if googled? What is the actual blog website?

    1. Hi Julie,
      If the blogs is public you can share the link and folk can visit the site.
      You can of course copy the url from your browser address bar.
      Like any other site it may take a bit of time and traffic before google lists the site and it gets to the first page of search results.

  13. Hi John
    The Blog is looking great and I would really to share it with the Glow Community.
    Please can you guide me though doing this.
    I would love to to be on the ‘Latest Updates’ list so users can go directly to it.
    I don’t have a clue where to start.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Sarita,
      Hi Sarita,
      Thanks for your comment. I’ll try and answer there as best I can, but I am not sure exactly what you mean?

      Is you blog a glow blog?
      Is it public?
      It then should appear on the latest updates page automatically.

      If this is not happening could you send me the full url to the blog.

  14. Hi John,

    Just wondering if there was an option to add in the facility for readers to subscribe to a blog with their email address so they are emailed when a new post has been placed on the blog? Know this can be done through other blogging sites such as Blogger but not found any info on this for this version of blogs. Any help greatly appreciated!

  15. Hi John
    We are currently looking at using Glow Blogs to facilitate e-portfolios in our school and would like to create our own standard theme with already prepared settings for pupils to use. How can I create a new theme, or modify and existing theme, and save that in such a way that pupils will be able to select this theme for use as their own personal e-portfolio.

    1. Hi Raymond,
      You cannot install/create a new theme or modify an existing one (beyond customising an individual theme either via that theme’s options or via css with the Jetpack. This would not meet your needs.
      Currently many LAs and even a few school have a custom theme for e-portfolios. There were developed by Education Scotland. These themes have become difficult and expensive to maintain. We will shortly be starting work on a new e-portfolio plugin that should improve that experience and remove the need for a specifc theme for use as an eportfolio.

  16. Hello,
    I have 2 questions:
    1) Is it possible to add some metatags, so people who google the school can find our public blog?
    2) Is it possible to upload plugins or can we only use the ones provided?
    Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Ursula,
      1. Currently it is not possible to add metatags. We would have to add a plugin to handle that.
      2. In a WordPress multisite it is not possible for blog admins to add plugins. Plugins have to be added centrally and require a code release. The plugins would need to be tested for functionality, performance and security.
      If there are particular plugins you need please get in touch, ideally through your Glow Key Contact. We can’t promise anything but do have regular releases which have added some plugins and themes.

  17. Hi, I would really like to start getting parents involved in looking at our class blog and leave comments on the work the pupils have been doing. Is there a way this can be done? Possibly using the pupils’ glow e-mail addresses to comment from home?



  18. Hello,

    I have a lot of blog sites associated with my username – gw09wadleyjennifer. I would like to organise these into classes for our pupils. How do I do this? I would also like to delete the sites of the pupils that have left our school. How do I do this?


    1. Hi Jennifer,
      You can added users to each of your class blogs. The is information on how to do this on the Adding users, setting roles page.

      You cannot currently remove yourself from a blog, so blogs you are a memeber of will stay on your My Sites page. To remove these you will need to get the pupils, if they are admins to remove you. Or you can delete the sites completly: delete a site.

      Drop me an email, gw09johnstonjohn4@glowmail.org.uk if you need more information or I have misunderstood your questions.

  19. Good afternoon,
    A colleague is receiving this message when they try to open the blogs from the tile. They are able to get in if they follow a direct link I sent them.
    Something has gone wrong. If this keeps happening, please contact support with the following, and how to re-create it:
    Code: 26-1440503162″
    Any help greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Stephen,
      These need to be reported through your Local Authority contact to the RM help desk. They will want the username, url and the code you have posted here. I’ll be in touch via email too.

  20. Hi John,

    We have recently set up blogs for each class in the school. Whilst trying to upload media within a post they have been receiving this error:
    Error file is empty. Please upload something more substantial.
    This error appears when they are using their iPad minis and trying to upload media from their camera roll.
    Any idea why this message is appearing?

    1. Hi Craig,
      No I don’t know what is going on there. I’ve not had any problem uploading from iOS, and just tested via my iPhone. Can you let me know what version of the operating system you are using so we can try and duplicate the problem.

      1. Hi John,

        It was iOS version 8.0 (12A365) . I have just updated it to the latest version, iOS version 8.4.1 and it seems to have solved the problem.

  21. Hey,

    Great site! has been very useful.

    I am struggling to embed Twitter/Facebook streams using jetpack… Have followed all the instructions on WordPress support pages (created widget ID/ attempted HTML and Shirtcode plugin). Best result is a link to social media… No embedded stream.

    Can it be done?



  22. Hi John
    A pupil has created a ppt in online 365 and would like to put it into the school blog so it appears as a ppt and not a link. We tried using the embed code but this didn’t work. Is there a way to do it please?

    1. Hi Caroline,
      Not at the moment.
      1. An O365 files cannot be shared publicly. It would not display on a blog even if you could embed it.
      2. The embed code for powerpoint seems to be an iFrame. Allowing iframes to embed is seen as a security risk by our blogs developers. It is usually disabled on large muli-sites such as ours. WordPress ‘prefers’ oEmbed (like the way youtube works).
      For this to work we would need, open sharing to be allowed from Glow O365 and to embed iFrames without allowing iFrames (we did something similar for ClickView video in the last release).


  23. Hi,
    I already have a glow blog that I made in my first year of school – I wish to change the design of it to make it more presentable for school. What I mean by this is I wish to change the blue and bubbled background and dark style of my blog to something neater. I was just wondering if it was possible to change the style of my blog and how I could do this. I am sorry if what I am trying to say is not very well explained anyway if you can help that’s great.
    Thank you.
    Charlotte Carey

  24. We have used the Oxygen theme for our Blog site – we do not want the Leave a Reply on the home page – I have switched everything off in regards this that I can, but it displays these fields on the home page. Can this be remove completely as we would prefer it if no-one can use this, especially as it seems that posts can be put up with no control/authorisation for everyone to see. Thanks

    1. Hi Christina,
      If you have turned off discussions in Setting-> Discussions it does not change the status of existing posts or pages.
      To do that you need to edit the post or page concerned. You may have to Open Screen Options at the top of the dashboard and check the box for Discussion to show the correct control.

      More info:

      gw09johnstonjohn4@glowmail.org.uk if you have any problems.

  25. I am brand new to all this but am doing okay thanks to Glow Blogs HELP facility and “How to” tabs. However, I am trying to write a caption or title words across my main picture header and can’t find a simple answer. Can you tell me how to do this?

    1. Hi Tony,
      Different themes handle this different ways. For example the TwentyFourteen theme used on this blog put the site title at the left of the menu bar. If I wanted a title on the header image I would have to edit the image before adding it to the blog. Other themes, say TwentyThirteen add text over the Header image (although you can hide this with the customiser in most cases).

      Which theme are you using?

      1. Hi John,
        I am using 2014 and like the style and layout of it. If I use 2013 will it place the text over the image I already have or will I need to tweak it? Thanks.

          1. Thanks John. This brings up another couple of points. I have a jpeg logo image that I want to use over a picture as you suggest above or on its own as the main title header. However when I put the logo on its own I can’t seem to get it to fit the page properly. Its either massive or almost invisible. How can I edit this? Also, if I was to try and place my jpeg logo over a picture – how would I go about this? Apologies – but I am brand new to all this but have seen really good School Blogs where they have managed to do this! happy to continue this via e-mail or phone call. Thanks.

          2. Hi Toby,
            You will need some image editing software. This will depend on your setup and what is available. I’ll drop you a mail.

  26. Hi – any more news regarding being able to embed a calendar onto a Glow Blog?? I know that there are lots of plugins available for this but we are slightly restricted to what we get via Glow.

    Also we are looking to set-up pupil e-portfolios with their wider achievement through other organisations like Cubs, Scouts, etc – is there anyone else out there looking at this? My concern is that we will not be able to use the plugins available?


    1. Hi Christina,
      Having calendars in Glow blogs is in the backlog of improvements and additions to be made. I hope we can have one or two options available in the near future. We will be looking at how they can be added before the next school session.
      I an unsure about what you wish in regards to e-portfolios so will drop you an email.

  27. Hi John,
    I work for Transport Scotland and we are involved in a Project called Academy9 with schools on the A9 Dualling corridor. I was hoping to include Video Blogs of Engineers etc on my Blog/Website but was worried that if I embed from Youtube video platform, the children would somehow manage to click on a link that would take them to other inappropriate material on that site. I then noticed that you use Vimeo a lot. Does this give you your own page to store Videos onto which I could embed on my blogpage and would then allow pupils to click to view without fear of accessing anything inappropriate? Happy to discuss via phone or e-mail if easier. Thanks

    1. Hi Tony,
      I’ll send you an email with my phone number if you would like a chat.
      You will find pupil access to YouTube and Vimeo is mixed. It will vary between Local Authority. Some LAs use youtube as a place for schools to publish video, some block it completely.
      You can upload to either youTube or Vimeo and embed in Glow Blogs (just paste in the link to the video). If pupils can see the videos they could search YouTube anyway.

      You can remove the related videos form youtube embeds, like this:

      Most of the videos on this help blog are hosted on the blog itself. This means they are <50MB in size. This has the advantage of not being blocked in different LAs. It has the disadvantage of just serving the videos uploaded without transcoding for different devices.

  28. Hi, just set up all staff onto the Early Childhood Centre’s Blog, I had shown them how to access and view other LA blogs however since the update the list form showing all blogs has changed – and I cant find any! Can you tell me how I can locate them – I haven’t set ‘follow’ on any of the blogs so they don’t appear on my lists.

    1. Hi Laura,
      We got caught out in the recent release and the lists are not working with the new home page yet. The Development team are working to fix this. You can see sites that you are a member of on your my sites page.

  29. Hello

    I am currently building the school website as a glow blog. At the moment the blog exists in my own personal glow account. This is not future proof since if I move/leave there will be issues!
    Can you suggest the best place to build the site? Is there an account allocated to the school ( or role within the school) but not tied to a particular user that would be more suitable?


    1. Hi Christine,
      You just need to add some colleagues to the blog as admins. Blogs are not ‘associated’ with particular users. Your blog belongs to the Perth & Kinross instance of blogs, any one you add as an admin can administer the blog. If you leave you can have your account removed from the blog, and the blog will live on.

  30. Hi John
    You helped us set up our website at Holy Cross Primary, Croy. I am updating the class names under categories on the sidebar menu. I have deleted the old classes and added the new class names however these are not appearing on the sidebar menu.
    Can you advise what I need to do to show these categories?
    I hope you are well.
    Thanks again.

  31. “Hi John, I notice in the July 2016 WordPress release that there’s an update to Responsive Images. I’ve uploaded some header images at the recommended size of 1600×230 for my theme. But on some resolutions the images appear blurred and on mobile devices they’re not being shown at all. Can you give some advice on how best to handle this? ” Tony Young

  32. Hi John
    We are looking to create other blogs on Glow for the School – what is the easiest way to link these with our main website?

  33. Hi, I have just begun a new web committee and I am trying to add them as contributors to our glow blog. I have followed the same steps as last year but users still show as pending. When the children click on the LA Blog tile and select my sites, our school site does not show up, despite me managing them in the ‘add users’ section of my teacher account.

    1. Hi Erin,
      It sounds like there may be a problem with the pupils accounts.
      If there accounts are sitting pending and the usernames are the pupils glow log in eg mine would be gw09johnstonjohn4@glow then you need to raise a call with the RM help Desk through your Local Authority to get these fixed. This is normally a very quick process.

      NB, sometime this problem is caused by adding a full email address, which will not work. If that is the case removing the email address uses and adding the users again using their username will work.

  34. Hello
    I have changed the privacy setting on my blog for all to access it however when I try to access the url out with Glow it can’t find the site.


    1. Hi Fiona,
      Is the problem that you can’t find the blog on a google search or if you follow a link?

      It will take time for google to index the site.

  35. Hi there,
    We’re just dipping our toes into the ocean of blogs.

    We would like to change the colour of the text on the postings but can’t seem to find a way to do it. It is probably really obvious, but any help you can offer would be really appreciated.


  36. Hi,
    We are maintaining our blog weekly with success, however I’m concerned about storage space and future posts.

    Currently, our storage space is at 70%. What would happen if I deleted some of our photos from the media library? Would they disappear from the blog posts they have been attached to in previous weeks? How do people manage their media content? In a nursery setting, it’s all about photos and videos to record the learning so visual content is crucial.


    1. Hi Judi,
      Deleting photos from the media library will remove them from the site.
      You can ask for increased space via your Local Authority. They log a call with the RM help desk.


      You can also try and keep the file size of media down, string photos and reducing the size of videos. How you do this will depend on the platform you are using. I’ll send this via email and may be able to offer some suggestions.

  37. Hello,

    I am developing a new blog as our school website. However, I have seen on other websites that you can embed a PDF document which you can preview without having to click on any link. Can this be achieved on GLOW Blogs?

  38. I wonder if I could get some advice?
    I have had feedback from some families using our asn home learning blog, that when youtube urls are included, they find their kids are ‘lost’ from the intended video from the blog post and focus is distracted by the whole youtube page. I wonder if there is a way for the youtube video just to play within the blog without leaving the page? Hope this query makes sense!

    thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Mrs McKenzie, It make perfect sense. But you cannot do it. Once you embed a Youtube video what appears is under the control of YouTube and they want you to get lost in YouTube.

      1. Hi there! I have created a new blog and |I cannot remember what I have to do in addition to setting a user to administrator to give them access. My colleague has just received a message to say she doesn’t have privileges. I remember having to do something else when I set up my first blog and had a similar issue for users having the blog addeMornad as a blog ‘for them’ but cannot remember what I had to do.

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