Glow Blogs Announcement – Archiving

Do you have a Glow Blog? Most likely the answer is yes! Glow Blogs is one of the most popular services in Glow with over 3000 new blogs created each month.

This is fantastic news and we want to make sure Glow keeps performing well to support your blogs. To help with this we’re carrying out a housekeeping exercise to remove older Glow Blogs that haven’t been used for a while.

Commencing 14 Dec 2021 we’re going to archive older Glow Blogs that haven’t been used for a number of years. Following this, commencing 24 Jan 2022 we will permanently delete these from the system to free up space and help improve overall performance.

Further information is available here: Glow Blogs Housekeeping 2021-22.

This will only affect blogs with no users and no updates in the past 3 years and private blogs with users but no updates in the last 3 years. Private e-portfolios with users are not included in this exercise as they may be referenced back to after a longer period

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