Glow Blogs Summer News

In November we ask Glow folk for Glow Blogs suggestions for the next release of Glow Blogs. These are listed on the side bar of the suggestions page.

At that time we expected the release to be over Summer 2018. It had been decided to move this back to winter. The next major version of WordPress will include a radically different editor: Gutenberg.

Gutenberg looks like fulfilling a lot of the suggestions, but it is a big change. It will need a great deal of testing for us to understand how it will fit in with existing Glow Blogs functionality.

If you are interested in taking Gutenberg for a test drive you can do so on frontenberg. This site gives you a way to test the editor without having an account.

You can find out more about Gutenberg.

We will update the blog with any news about Gutenberg and other new features over the coming months.

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