Glow Blogs July 2016 Release Update – Themes

The development of the July release is going well.

In May we posted about the complete removal of 4 Woo themes. At that point I emailed a list of  blogs using the Spectrum theme to Key Contacts.

The Spectrum theme is the only one of the 4 themes that is much used.

We are now set to switch the themes of these blogs to TwentyFourteen on the 15th of July in preparation for the release later in the month.

I’ve uploaded the lists of all blogs using Spectrum to my OneDrive, all glow users should be able to view the files.
Spectrum-use-July-16 – OneDrive
Which any Glow User should have access to.

The complete switch off of the old ePortfolio themes has been delayed till Oct 2016

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