Glow Blogs – e-Portfolio update 4th November

In preparation for the forthcoming e-portfolio update we will be retiring all of the current e-portfolios themes on Thursday 5th November 2015.

The e-Portfolio themes will not be available to apply to new or existing blogs from the Theme picker.
The themes will continue to work on blogs that they are already applied to.
In the future we would recommend changing these themes to a more standard one and using the forthcoming e-portfolio plugin to produce profiles.

At some point in the future the e-portfolio themes will be turned off altogether and blogs using these themes will revert to the default theme. We will give notice of the timing of this.

The new e-portfolio plugin will be released on Tuesday 10th November 2015.

On both days the blog service will be down for a short time between 4-5pm

Help for the new e-portfolio plugin is being developed: e-Portfolios – Glow Blog Help

This release will also add functionality to the My Sites pages so that teachers and non-teaching staff will be able to remove their membership from the sites that appear there.

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