Glow Blogs Update October 2015: e-Portfolio Plugin

Please note that the update planned for Thursday 29/10/15 -16:00 to 17:00, is now in the process of being rescheduled. A new post will be added when a release date/time has been agreed.

There will be a new release of the Glow Blogs Service on Thursday 29th October 2015

The update is planned for between 4:00 to 5:00 pm on Thursday 29-10-2015.

We expect that the service will be unavailable for only a few minutes but should be considered at risk for the whole period. This is in addition to the regular scheduled maintenance release at 4:30 today.

The main focus for this release is the e-Portfolio Plugin.

This will change the way that profiles are created in an e-Portfolio blog.

New e-Portfolio blogs will not be theme dependent. They are created from any blog using the new Profile Tags.

More details are available on the help blog e-Portfolio pages.

The documentation is in progress and will be expanding over the next few weeks.

The current e-portfolio themes will be retired. They will continue to work on blogs that are already using them. They will no longer be available for users to choose. If you remove an old e-portfolio theme from your blog you will not be able to re-apply it.

We recommend that users adopt the new e-Portfolio plugin and turn off the older e-portfolio themes. Advice on how to do this is on the help blog.

The other main change will be the ability to allow teachers to remove themselves from sites on the My Sites page.
We anticipate that this will allow teachers to make the My Sites page more useful by leaving e-Portfolio blogs of pupils who are no longer in their care.

Please get in touch with any questions or concerns.

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